Imagine a world, where in today’s modern society children continue to struggle to socially connect and feel worthy while being heavily impacted by isolated and disadvantaged circumstances on a daily basis.

With Covid-19 being the new normal, isolation and social distancing being implemented, we have all been mentally and physically affected by the situation as isolation continues to impact us, our families, our communities, our societies and the rest of the world.


Before Covid-19, children in low economic and isolated societies in Australia have been experiencing and are still living in socially distanced, isolated and disadvantaged circumstances for decades.  Over the years children have fallen through the cracks and children with learning disabilities became adults who left the school system not being able to read and write the basics of everyday English or obtained the basic skill sets to be able to survive and be accepted into our modern day societies. Many of these adults never leave their societies due to their inabilities to read and write and do not have the basic skill sets for social interaction or employment opportunities.


Imagine their worlds, where these children live every day in isolated and disadvantage circumstances where they are continuing to experience isolation. Imagine what they have to look forward to day after day, year after year.  Some are lucky and do manage to get a decent education and when they look around, after their school years have finished, for what opportunities there are for them, many see nothing but isolation and no opportunities for a future.


Suppose your children or grandchildren were in such a situation and are unable to find opportunities or believe that they are worthy of a good education or of living a normalised life.  How do they find a way of connecting? and seeing that the world awaits with an abundance of opportunities for them to be whatever or whomever they could only imagined to be?  


We ask you to join us in combating the stigma of isolation, social distance and disadvantaged circumstances! 


Help us open up new possibilities to connect and create a whole new world where anything is possible for these children and effectively make a difference and change the way any isolated child sees and connects to the world. These children will have the opportunity to grow up knowing that they can create a wonderful life and experience positive outcomes for themselves and their families, they will see that they do matter and have so much to offer to the world they live in.


We ask you to imagine a world where children can unite and share personal experiences where they believe in themselves.  A world that will open up and help them to feel special, wanted and connected. Where they have respect for one another and one’s cultural and morel lifestyles. This is when the magic happens, they grow to be independent, respectful and create long term connections within their own families and unite within their communities, society and the rest of the world.


Our revolutionary approach to helping children between the ages of 5 to 15 years allows them to grow, respect and connect with each other, physically and spiritually within their environments. Imagine how many lives will be changed! How many prisons will not be needed! How many families need not despair if their child commits suicide, overdoses, needs mental health experts, or their substance abuse becomes an agonising problem.


Let’s all unite and break the stigma that has for decades subjected families to generations of hopelessness.


Make this the most important donation of your life!


Yes, your generosity to our cause will make a difference. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help towards making the changes required and will make a massive difference to these socially disadvantaged children living in low economic and isolated societies. 


Don’t delay, your donation is critical.  Our team at Future Happiness Association Incorporated will continue to create and build our online learning programs and help deliver a world which offers amazing opportunities.  Our platforms and online learning programs will assist with combating the isolation and disadvantaged circumstances and change their lives. 


Your donation is accepted with gratitude, and we thank you! 


For further information or to make a donation, visit our website at or make contact with one of our team members via email;


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