Wayne Norris – Chairman

Wayne’s extensive experience in the global Mining sector, as an Executive Director in the operational field of Metallurgy and Management of Operations has seen him specialise in Process Plant design, equipment selection, operational control and commissioning of process facilities and on the ground personnel training and mentoring.


His roles over the years have been for private and listed entities and his Executive and Senior Management positions have involved extensive commissioning into commercial production for several major producers both in Australia and Africa.


Wayne was the Founder of an ASX listed entity that within two years, under his Directorship, grew from a private entity through to an IPO, market Capitalisation of AUD20.0M and he progressed the company to be an ASX 300 company, with a market capitalisation in excess of AUD350.0M. 


During his time as Managing Director Wayne was instrumental in capital raising in the region of USD270.0M from around the world to develop the Companies Projects in Africa and Australia. 


During Wayne’s career, he has successfully over viewed many philanthropic ventures being, water bores, establishment of clinics and schools, restructuring of communities funding and entrepreneurial businesses to streamline funding for community growth and direction and secured long term strategies  and employment opportunities for future sustainability within those communities. 


Wayne’s ability to create funding solutions and growth opportunities is paramount and his vision is united by his family’s direction to make a difference and help combat the Isolation created by Mining Companies. His aim is to promote awareness and support isolated communities, its people and their isolated circumstances for the betterment of all.

Barbara Norris – Treasurer

With growing up in the North of Western Australia, Barbara follows her late father, Mr Norman Lorne’s footsteps in mining.


With mining foremost as a family dynasty, Barbara continues to be actively involved within the family’s mining assets and continues to be involved in Philanthropic ventures and small business. Her many years’ of experience in commercial and private entities as founder and operator of numerous private businesses has allowed Barbara to help many people with work and business opportunities.


Barbara was the Co-Founder of an ASX listed Company from 2006 until its successful listing on the ASX in 2008. Following the listing she continued to actively be involved in her own Companies and remains actively involved within the communities that the Mining Company’s operated in.


Barbara has experience with teaching indigenous children in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Ghana West Africa. She is passionate about education and strategies that ensure that children have the best possible chance and a decent education. She is also very supportive of strategies that help combat and eradicate children’s diseases and has supported and helped to implement and trail a program to help eradicate Malaria in Ghana.


Throughout her career, Barbara has built strong relationships in both Countries and brings local knowledge and ensures that Company’s assist the communities in supporting health, wellbeing and social interactions within the operational mining areas, including environmental awareness and green practices that actively position positive platforms for the Company’s to operate within the confines of its commitments and expectations to the communities and the people that it supports.


Barbara is passionate about Future Happiness Association Incorporated and the recently Trademarked Bush Band Babies Brand, which will be connected to the platforms, programs and learning aides associated with the Objectives of the Association and to help combat, support, fund and create awareness to insolation and “Bridge and Connect Isolation” for children living in societies embroiled by low economic, socially challenged, isolation and disadvantaged circumstances, where children struggle to socially connect and feel worthy.

Mr Luke Norris – Deputy Chairperson
Mrs Elise Norris – Secretary
Ms Ann Selina Hull – Responsible Committee Member
Ms Patricia Neira Del Valle – Committee Member
Ms Cassie  Lee – Committee Member