The Objectives of the Association

    To provide relief from isolation for disadvantaged children by advancing their social and public welfare statuses. Our innovative new concepts and fresh approached holds the key to new possibilities by connecting through social interactive platforms and programs, to make a difference and change the way any isolated child sees and connects to the world, without discrimination or favour and without limiting the generality of this statement while following the Objectives of the Association by;

    • (a) Providing and offering relief and support through funding and implementing solutions which advances social and public welfare statuses through social interactive platforms for children living in low economic, socially challenged, isolated and disadvantaged circumstances in Australia;

    • (b) Provide connection for like-minded children and families in after school care programs;

    • (c) Create awareness to computer safety, online personal safety and security and awareness of social intimidation;r

    • (d) Provide additional education and support for English, numeracy and education skills;

    • (e) Promote awareness and support for health, nutrition and wellbeing;

    • (f) Promote awareness to addictions, alcohol, drug and substance abuse;

    • (g) Promote and build connections through comradeship, sport and personal interests;

    • (h) Promote programs that build connection to self, group, society, the environment and the world

    • (i) Bring isolation and disadvantaged circumstances into context and focus;

    • (j) Provide a snack for sustenance; and

    • (k)Fund yearly group camps, personal interaction and togetherness