How and Why

Barbara’s Story

As a child growing up in the isolation of the Mining areas of the Murchison in Western Australia and after marring and having a family of my own, we continued to experience isolation and limitation, without access or connection to outside situations or opportunities, while living within these isolated Mining communities. 


It was all part of the requirements of working for Mining Companies and over the years, we adapted to the experiences and did what was required to be done. Life was good, but had its challenges and geological isolation created another form of isolation with having to send our eldest son to boarding school. My brothers and I went to boarding school and it wasn’t the type of experience that I wanted for my own children, but unfortunately there weren’t that many options available.


I know our sons got tired of the moving and relocating and being effected by the isolation and disadvantages that came with living in migrational Mining communities. Yet they embraced the situation and got on with what was required, even though with finally residing and living in city environments, we personally found ourselves impacted further by the isolation and experienced the stigma of being different, which in turn created undue and unnecessary situations and cycles of isolation, depression and regret.


Over the years, our family has been working, investing and helping individuals, families and children, as we were able, which has seen my husband Wayne, myself and our sons collectively being actively involved in philanthropic ventures and the Future Happiness Association Incorporated is seen as a solution and vehicle to deliver our vision and objectives. 


This vision evolved dramatically when Future Happiness Association Incorporated was offered by a long term friend who had setup the Association to help support, clothe, feed and educate young girls in Tanzania in 2007.  Selina Hull is still part of the Association today and is excited to see that her hard work and dedication to helping young girls grow into successful mentors and become solid foundations of their own communities’ in Tanzania, has now evolved to help isolated, low economic and disadvantaged children and their families to bridge isolation in Australia. 


The Associations Objectives and my long term commitment to my BBB’s Brand fell into place in 2018 after I was involved in a head-on car accident. Life is precious and I realised that again the hour glass was trickling and the time to initiate these online programs, is now!  


The Bush Band Babies (BBB’s) Brand has also been a long term dream of mine and our youngest son Luke and with the BBB’s Trademark No (2025164) and with the Brand registered, the BBB’s Brand is evolving and being incorporated into the platforms for the Future Happiness Association Incorporated programs and holds an exciting concept for children and an associated connection to Australian baby animals and their adventures.

Our promise is mindful of location and geographical isolation.

Our programs are unique and fills a niche market to target the isolation stigma of today’s continually changing society and children impacted by isolation and children who feel trapped by their isolated circumstances.    


Our promise is mindful of location and geographical isolation, be it either inland Australia, small communities, isolated rural towns, stations, farms or city based disadvantaged or isolated areas.  


Our vision is to create awareness and opportunities for personal advancement and growth.  We will reach-out and connect the bridge of isolation, while promoting awareness that isolation and disadvantaged situations, feelings and circumstances are not what you are or what you have to be defined by and you do have options and choices.