Program Description

Future Happiness Association Incorporated offers online active platforms which deliver online learning systems and programs that provide direct relief from isolation for children living in low economic, disadvantaged circumstances, by advancing their social and public welfare statuses, by “Building and Connecting their Isolation”. 


Our platforms and programs are IT and computer based programs that deliver basic interactive, caring and learning experiences which unite and invite children to socially interact and include daily activities and experiences and explore and socially connect through our social interactive platforms and programs. Our objectives are to make a difference and change the way any isolated child sees and connects to the world, without discrimination or favour and without limiting the generality of this statement while following the Objectives of the Association.


Our innovative new concepts and fresh approach holds the key to new possibilities to benefit children from the ages of 5 to 15 years. We believe that the earlier a child is connected and involved socially the easier it is to connect and integrate positively.


Our aim is to create awareness and opportunities for personal advancement which will allow children to see solutions, options and other opportunities within the world and will “Build Isolation Bridges” to allow children to understand they are not alone.


It will provide connection for like-minded children and families in after school care programs in a class room environment or in situations of total isolation in home based environments.  


Our after school care time is based around a maximum of three to five days a week of group participation in a class room or group environment and will interconnect and flow into physical connection and activity within their environment and community.


There are reward systems and the ability to self-monitor their own progress and upload personal milestones and accomplishments for self-esteem.  Rewards will include excursions and the Association will fund yearly group camps, personal interaction activities and togetherness opportunities for themselves, their schools and their communities.

Computer Saftey

Create awareness to computer safety, online personal safety and security, and awareness of social intimidation

People Icon

Promote informational programs that build connection to self, family, society and the rest of the world.

Enviroment icon 01

Create awareness to their environment and promote awareness to recycling and pollution impacts, and offer solutions.

Snack Icon

Provide a daily snack for sustenance to children who are unable to access sufficient food.

Health and wellbeing icon

Promote awareness and support for health, nutrition and well-being.

Isolation Icon

Bring isolation and disadvantaged circumstances into context and focus.

Connecting icon 01

Promote and build connections through comradeship, sport and personal interests.

Drug and alcohol awareness icon

Promote awareness to addictions and substance abuse, being alcohol and drug related.

Educational Icon

Provide additional education and support for Literacy, numeracy and education skills.

Who Benefits

Future Happiness Association Incorporated will be providing and offering relief and support through funding and implementing solutions which advances social and public welfare statuses through social interactive platforms for children living in low economic, socially challenged, isolated and disadvantaged circumstances within Australia.


Our aim is to “Build and Connect Isolation” for these children, through secure social media platforms which will be utilised to connect children visually and create social connections, interaction and awareness, as a common group, with like-minded children, within their isolated circumstances, societies and environments.  Our platforms and systems will create visual connection and provide educational support, group activities and awareness programs for children.


The status of a child in need and requiring help will be gauged by being; 

Under privileged, abused, neglected, undernourished, socially disconnected or disadvantaged, low self-esteem, isolated by geological isolation or by being or feeling socially or physically different than other children including children that have learning disabilities which can make them feel isolated. 


We will bring isolation and disadvantaged circumstances into context and focus and create opportunities for personal advancement and will allow children, parents, carers and family to see solutions within the world and we will build isolation bridges to allow children to understand that there are options and opportunities in life and that they are not alone even if they are different in some special way.


The programs will also benefit in relation to the ability to self-monitor their own progress and upload personal milestones and accomplishments to help create pride and self-esteem. 


It will benefit children in situations when they travel or relocate and they can keep connected at their visual and social level and keep learning without disruption via our platforms. They may find it easier to interact and continue without losing contact, falling behind or be impacted by sudden isolation. 


All families and community members will benefit as our programs will create connections and opportunities within the communities. It will create opportunities and jobs in IT, hands-on requirements for aids and volunteers, and experienced personnel and critical service personnel, to ensure smooth operations and children’s productivity, safety and personal growth.

Location Connection and Access Time

Connection time will be shared through time selection, login based, in controlled classroom environments or in situations where there are only a few children in a home based secure environment. All programs and activities will have the ability to interact and flow accordingly to the outcomes of the children’s requirements, skills and dedication.  


Total program is delivered in weekly format. Programs will be a three to five day weekly program. Yearly programs will be based around the school teaching year. 


Participation from parents, carers and community involvement with community interaction, will play an enormous part in how a child or a group of children evolves, grows and adapts. 


There is an element of trial and error, all programs will have ongoing evaluation and be monitored and evolve depending on the children’s interaction,  assessments, parents, and carers and the community’s participation and interaction levels. 


Sites will be based at already prospective sites, possibly connected to Government based schools or centres that supply the required services or in the situation where there are only a few children, a secure home based environment. 


A child needs to make contact with us through our website or through their school or family.  We will be available and any isolated community or family has to be active in requesting our Association into their community.

Overall Programs




Basic Math - Number

- Create basic awareness, skills and working mathematically.
- Times tables. Basic mathematical equations.
- Online games based around mathematics.
- All games are based on reward systems.




Literacy - Cultural Learning

- Promote basic literacy reading and writing skills.
- Promote a love of reading.
- Reading books, E Books and reading programs.
- Possible connection to the Reading and Literacy Charities and Programs.
- Creating own stories and books and the ability to upload some of their creations onto our platforms for visual connection and self-esteem.




English - Phonics

- Reading programs which involve computer based stimulus programs to promote basic reading skills.
- Reward based games. Flash card systems.
- Develops skills by identifying groups for phonics, groups. Game based - Match gum nuts, phonics sounds, matching sounds, words and flash card systems.




Money Counting - Value Skills

- Create basic skills and awareness of money and value. Online games utilised to stimulate money skills and value.
- Value of money and saving incentives.




Time - Clock Interfaces

- Time of day and associated activities in relation to the time of day.
- Time it takes to do activities. Promote basic skills and awareness of time.
- Programs to learn time structures and time management.
- Time lapse to other states or over-seas.
- After school time, work time, play time and snack times. Leisure time.




Music - Dance - Singing - Exercise

- Interaction with movement, music, dance, singing and exercise. Cultural awareness.
- Making of instruments and interactive performances.




Measurement - Size - Distance

- Promote basic skills and awareness of measurement, size and distance.
Singular and group activities.
- Design, contribute and make projects that require measurement, creating, building and construction.
- Building projects, making things, size and distance skills. Small projects, community based, bird nests, activity places, play grounds, gardens.
- Distances to places. Measurement and space and size of Plant Earth.




Colours - Drawing - Painting – Crafts

- Downloadable pictures to colour and paint. Draw own pictures and upload for visual connection. Colours. Painting and Drawing. Craft projects.




Environment Awareness - Recycling - Pollution

- Promote programs that create awareness to their environment and our Planet Earth.
- Promotes awareness to the environment, animals, plants and water.
- Gardens, tree planting, creating positive spaces.
- Promote awareness to recycling and pollution impacts.
- Care of own personal space and environment.




Health - Personal Care - Wellness – Well-being - Hygiene - Nutrition

- Informational programs that create awareness and promote nutrition, health, wellness, personal care, well-being and hygiene.
- Basic awareness to emotional feelings being, happiness, sadness, grief, stress and fear.
- Create happy places. Provide a snack for sustenance.




Self-Care - Prevention - Awareness of Addictions

- Promotes awareness of addictions, alcohol, drug and substance abuse.
- Delivers basic programs and messages in relation to self-care, prevention and awareness to addictions.




Comradeship - Sport - Community - Personnel Interests

- Promote and build healthy connections through comradeship, sport and personal interests.
- Free Play – Sports, Games, excursions, outside activities.
- Community interactive programs and community activities that create connection within communities.
- Fund Yearly group camps, personal interaction and togetherness.




Bridge and Connect Isolation - Brings Isolation into Context and Focus

- Creates opportunities for personal advancement and will allow children, parents, carers and family to see solutions within the world.
- We will build bridges to allow children to understand that there are options and opportunities in life and that they are not alone even if they are different in some special way.
- Bridges isolation, race and religion.
- Creates a connection so that children feel important and independent. Promotes that they matter.




Bridges Isolation - Distance - Connection

- Promotes personal connection, self-expression, group interaction and community connection with others.
- Upload ability of personal work, promotes self-esteem and contribution. Books, paintings, projects, community based programs and projects will be shown and presented online.




Digital Social Interaction and Connection

- Visual screen time programs and internet connection to others.
- Creates digital social interaction and visual connection so that children don’t feel isolated and disconnected.
- Visual and social interaction and connection bridges isolation, creates recognition, self-expression, group interaction and group awareness.
- Helps self-esteem and creates independence. Informs and helps social skill sets.




Awareness to Computer Safety - Personal Safety - Computer Security - Cyber Scams - Computer Treats

- Creates awareness to computer safety, online personal safety and security.
- Promote awareness to cope with bullying and social intimidation.
- Promote awareness to cyber scams and computer treats.
- Network and computer awareness.




Connection to Existing External Charity Programs

- Charities that visit and contribute by creating interaction and new experiences.
- Programs for children to experience, learn and create external skill based outcomes and opportunities.
- Reading Charities and programs. Football and Sports Charities and programs.
- Dance and Singing and Preforming Arts Charities programs.




Connection to Camps and Excursions

- Reward with Camps and Excursions.




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